KSA: 9,000 expat migrant workers deported back to Indonesia

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Domestic-Household
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Via The Jakarta Post. Thousands of migrant workers to be deported. Excerpt:

The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) administration estimates that more than 9,000 migrant workers from Lombok and Sumbawa have been included on the Saudi Arabian government’s deportation list for overstaying their visas. “The Saudi government recorded 93,000 Indonesian migrant workers with incomplete documents, including those who have overstayed. Of the number, we estimate 10 percent are NTB residents from Lombok and Sumbawa, so it could be more than 9,000 people,” NTB Manpower and Transmigration Office’s manpower expansion and placement division head H. Zaenal said in Mataram on Tuesday.

Those who departed in 2011 would have likely overstayed because a work contract is only for two years on average. “The estimated 9,000 overstaying migrant workers were just from 2011. The number will increase if many of them departed in 2009 and 2010, or earlier, and did not extend their work permits,” said Zaenal. Zaenal added that on Nov. 10, 75 migrant workers from Lombok and Sumbawa who were deported from Saudi Arabia arrived at their respective hometowns. Their repatriation was facilitated by the Saudi

“In the first batch, 75 migrant workers were repatriated to NTB. They were immediately returned to their respective hometowns overland from Jakarta using government facilities,” said Zaenal. Based on data, added Zaenal, the migrant workers in Saudi Arabia blamed their employers for their expired work permits. Generally, the women worked as domestic helpers whose employers had discouraged them from returning home. Some of the deported housemaids said they would reapply for immigration documents and return to resume work for their employers.

An interesting read about Indonesian expat workers, mainly domestic servants, being repatriated after they overstayed their working visa’s in Saudi Arabia.

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