France: Goodyear boss and HR Manager ‘Boss Napped’

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Manufacturing
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Via BBC. I came across this story some days ago but I wasn’t sure about posting this as a ‘peak jobs’ piece. However, given its connection with offshoring (one of the first stages in the peak employment transition) and the troubled recent history between Goodyear and France I thought it worthy of inclusion. Goodyear managers freed at French plant. Excerpt:

Workers at a Goodyear plant in Northern France have released two managers held captive since Monday morning in a dispute over the plant’s closure. The director of production at the site in Amiens, Michel Dheilly, and human resources chief Bernard Glaser had not been allowed to leave the plant site. They were released on Tuesday afternoon minutes after police entered the plant.

Staff and management have been negotiating for years over how to deal with the loss-making site. The union has been pushing for a redundancy plan with more generous payoffs. They want redundancy packages of between 80,000 euros (£66,000; $109,100) and 180,000 euros, as well as job retraining assistance for 24 months, rather than the 15 currently on offer.

Mike Shedlock via MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis has been following this story through 2013 and provides some good background. Mike is a US-based economic conservative and although I find his views challenging they are at least global and though-provoking. See: Montebourg Announces Deal Between Goodyear and Titan to Save Union Jobs (One Problem – Goodyear Did Not Even Receive the Offer).

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